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The Ultimate Guide to TRUSTING Your Mother’s Intuition

An 8 Week Course

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• Are you ready to know the truth of who your child is?

• Are you ready to understand your child’s soul and soul purpose?

• Are you ready to wake up to your innate intuition?

• Are you ready to wake up to your spiritual gifts?

• Are you ready to open your channel to communicate with your child’s heart and soul?

• Are you ready to heal yourself and your family?


The process of healing my son, Christian, shook my life to its core, but ultimately woke me up to my spiritual gifts and abilities. The more I cleared my channel to receive the messages, the more I followed the guidance, the more I saw the changes, the more I trusted my intuition and this process. The most beautiful thing about working with a mom like me is seeing the messages from her child light up her face, witnessing her receive the messages, and seeing her growing trust in her intuition. It’s the biggest blessing and gift to know I can help moms with their ability to know their child, especially since our kids don’t always communicate with words. But their hearts are always communicating.

I just want each of you to know you’ve got it in you, you can do it, you don’t need anyone but you. Your child picked you! The answers are all in you. We’re going to learn how to find them together. We’re going to open this channel a little bit…and, it’s going to stay open!

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Our children are inviting us to the place they call “the sea of love.”

The idea for this class came to me in the early hours of the morning as I was woken up and guided to my desk. My heart started speaking to me and when I tuned in, I felt the pulse of consciousness of children… they invited me to join them in the place they call “the sea of love.”

As I entered the waters we swam to the deepest parts of the ocean and I floated in the water, directly in the center with children of all races, ages, colors and creeds surrounding me.

They invited me to their special beach party to tell me their playful secrets and show me stories.

I asked them, "Why me?" And they said that I am needed to help usher in a new time for the planet. Helping the divine feminine in its most natural state – the mother’s love.

For her love is directly intertwined with her faith, and her faith is the reflection of her intuition. We’ve lost ourselves by handing our power over to the government, the doctors, the schools, the preachers, society’s expectations, and so on and so forth.

But no more…

The time has come for the mother’s FULL POWER to rise once again. And this course was born…


Awaken The Healer Within: The Ultimate Guide to TRUSTING Your Mother’s Intuition

She was born from masses of children here to awaken their mothers. She was born from the women feeling a desperate urge to know their babies at every level… As infants the physical suckling of the breast, the tender touch of a back stroke, the soft skin of your baby’s face against your own, the way you knew what your baby’s cries meant. A slight change in pitch was the only cue separating hungry from tired. 

No words were needed.

And mamas, I’m here to show you how easy that can be again…

This course is channeled from the souls of the children and soul of the mother to take you on a 7-week journey in the remembrance of your most innate gift:

Your intuition and connection to your child(ren).

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• Learn how to communicate telepathically

• Learn how to honor your child(ren) and their energy

• Learn how to use your intuition to hone in on what your child is mirroring to you

• Learn how to speak the heart’s language

• Learn how to connect with your baby’s soul from anywhere at anytime

• Know your child and know yourself once again

• Learn to move from your mind to your heart quickly and easily

Forget about those feelings of loss and confusion, of feeling like you constantly need to check in with healers or friends for validation of your intuition. 

Come back to your natural state of remembering your power within… 

No more questioning.



March 19th – May 9th, 2018  

Beginning on March 19th, we meet 2 days each week on Zoom

Mondays and Wednesdays 12:00-1:30pm CST

** All lessons will be recorded and available for replay on the same day! **



Each week, we’ll cover the following Modules until we Awaken The Healer Within:

module 1

Detox – Release the blocks and clear your channel

Just like with healing Autism, the initial phase is detox. We will identify, heal and release the blocks covering up our existing intuition.

Instead of viruses and heavy metals, we will look at past memories, wounds, triggers, etc. that no longer serve us, that block our channel and are ready to be released.

module 2

Elimination – Open up your intuitive pathways

When our children’s pathways are working, they release what their physical bodies no longer need. With our intuitive pathways working, our minds, hearts and spirits will release the old wounds that no longer need to be stored in our energy fields.

We will take the time to heal and release what is no longer needed to create a new pattern around moments of hurt. This teaches us how to heal and release on an ongoing basis, rather than store these wounds and put armor around our hearts for protection.

module 3

Repair – Heal your mind, heart and spirit

With more balance and harmony, free of past wounds, we will heal and feel our hearts once again. In our heart space, our hearts function once again with more compassion, joy and confidence.

As we heal and release, and open into our heart space, we will begin to feel our sense of wholeness once again. We will repair our minds, hearts and spirits to begin to welcome and receive the messages.

module 4

Nourishment – Feed your soul the goodness it deserves

We will nourish ourselves with goodness – loving thoughts, loving choices, loving guidance and loving energy. This week we may feel even closer to our tribe, energetically holding hands as we step out of the old and into the new.

We will learn to be more aware of and make choices that nourish our minds, bodies and spirits. We will learn that our children want us to feed our souls, step into our intuition and step into our purpose.

module 5

Empowerment – Trust in yourself and your intuition

Shedding old burdens brings on a sense of lightness and confidence! After a month of learning how to look at our wounds, heal them, release them, and step into our intuition, we will gain trust in our innate intuition.

Through practice, we grow stronger and trust ourselves more and more. With a renewed sense of empowerment, we boldly move forward with deeper tools for working with Spirit.

module 6

Creative solutions – Learn spiritual tools you can leverage for life

We will practice spiritual tools I use regularly, including…

  • Guided meditations
  • How to stay in dialogue with Spirit
  • Different ways each person may receive messages (i.e., clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.),
  • And how to build off of your natural abilities

Don’t be surprised if your child shows up with a special tool or gift specifically for his or her mama!!!

module 7

Practice + Polishing - Take What You’ve Learned and Fly Solo.

Put your gifts into practice by working on your child’s acute priority issue on your own. I’ll also be tuning into what you received and giving you guidance and validation on your work.

You will be assigned a time for one of the four calls that will take place that week so you get ample support. The schedule will be announced as we get closer to the date.

module 8


  • One 2-hour call on May 10th from 11-1pm CST for a Final Integration Call.
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