Muscle Testing: A GPS for divine health


Ya’ll I LOVE muscle testing. Like hardcore LURRRVEEE it! For real.

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You see when my son was in the middle of a health crisis and I was (and still am) a determined warrior mom looking for all answers and all solutions, muscle testing was my BOO. Or as the kids would say today, muscle testing was my bae ;)

It helped me to navigate and identify what was going to help and support him, how healing it was, how much of a supplement/herb/remedy he needed, and even which practitioners we were aligned to work with.

After spending years kind of winging things, obsessively researching all the best treatment options, working with practitioners who had great reputations but weren’t the right fit at the time, and then paying a beautiful healer to muscle test things for my kids I finally learned how to do it on my own.

It opened a whole new world of woo empowerment for me. For a control freak in healing this was the ultimate new skill. Think of it like the day you finally got the keys to the car and you got to drive ON. YOUR. OWN.

Can you say hashtag UNSTOPPABLE?

Let me just give you a peek into that time of my life. My crazy ass was walking around grocery stores muscle testing in the middle of aisles. I gave no f%#ks. I was asking everyone and their mama if they wanted something muscle tested. I got really good at it, like really good, so good in fact that people began paying me to test things for them and their kids.

In the beginning and throughout my career, muscle testing has mostly been focused around all things health related. And Divine Health is focal point of my free muscle testing class. But honestly once you learn how to muscle test you can test anything (as long as you have permission to know the answer to what you’re asking). I mean I even use in making decisions for my business from calculating rates to who I hire to support me.

It is THE tool you want in your toolbox. Think of it as your power drill, or whatever handy dandy tool you use all the time. Or if you’re like me and tools scare you, then ignore this metaphor and replace it with whatever makes sense! Ha.

If I haven’t convinced you already, here are 6 reasons why you need to learn how to muscle test:

1. It saves you money. No, really. Because you stop wasting time, energy or money on shit you think you need and instead invest in what you actually need!

2. It gives you back the power in decision making. You will stop floundering around in The Land Of Indecision and instead forge ahead with what you know is good for you and your family. Oooh anddd you can teach it to your kids! It’ll give them a tool they can use all the time so they can make responsible healthy choices for themselves.

3. It’s fun. Seriously. Your body is a wonderland. Scratch that. It is a wonderland, but it’s also a fucking badass God-given vehicle that will never stop amazing you as long as you let it.  In my FREE class I go over the actual neurotransmitter response that allows your body to give you answers, but even if you aren’t concerned with the mumbo-jumbo science crap this will still blow your mind. Once you start you won’t be able to stop even at the risk of looking like a looney toon in the middle of Whole Paycheck.

4. It’ll make your life easier. Who doesn’t need that? Bitch do you go out and hunt your own food? No you don’t. You go to the grocery store and buy it. Or if you’re lucky someone preps your meals for you. I’m all about ease!

5. It’s tangible proof of your intuition. Many times when you are muscle testing you will already know the answer, but seeing and feeling the physical proof in your body will often result in your beginning to TRUST yourself more and more. (It could even mean you using muscle testing less and less because now you have confirmation of what an intuitive goddess  you are!)

6. It can help take the stress and overwhelm out of parenting. We always hear about our mommy guts and motherly instincts, but in today’s day and age of information overload it can be hard to hear what your inner voice is saying. Muscle testing overrides the information overload and instead gives you direct access to what your child needs.


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