Today my children were playing a game on the Nintendo Switch. As I was straightening up in the kitchen I looked over and saw my son kicking my daughter. Before I could even ask them what happened I heard my daughter say “Christian, it’s the first time I won you don’t need to get upset about it. Relax.” You see this is typical as my son is UBER COMPETITIVE!

Instantly what I heard (clairaudience) was “aries” as in my son’s astrological sign. Now my mind wanted to dismiss this as I actually find it super annoying when people blame their shortcomings on their astrological sign no matter how true it is! LOL. I’m a pisces so is being a judgmental and closed minded bee-otch what we’re known for? JK

My mind also wanted to dismiss it because of the years I’ve spent researching different ailments and imbalances and their holistic root causes. I’m sure many of you can relate if you have a medically sensitive/compromised child or one with any type of diagnosis. Your mind jumps to the many articles and research papers you’ve read not necessarily their birth chart!

But good thing that I allow my mind and my heart (intuition) to work together. As quickly as I heard Aries i also saw a vision (clairvoyance) of my friend Thalia who runs the facebook group Lunar Lunacy. I saw her mention astro-homeopathy before so I know that’s where my intuition was taking me.

I googled astro-homeopathy and came across Marcia Wiechers YouTube channel. I looked through her video list to find the video for Aries. I took copious notes and found that a lot of what she described matched my son exactly. I want to say this loud and clear that I do not believe that the ailments he’s experienced in his life (inflammation, adrenal fatigue, chronic headaches and even skin eruptions in the form of eczema as a baby) are because he’s an Aries. HOWEVER, I am also not ruling out that maybe he was more susceptible because of these areas of weakness. Okay I don’t actually believe that, but it could very well be my own belief blocking that possibility.

I was even more intrigued when Marcia began mentioning remedies associated with Aries. We’ve worked with a few homeopaths in the past that I will list down below who have prescribed many of these remedies for my son. That’s where I was a little shooketh.

If you don’t want to watch the video in it’s entirety here’s the list of the Aries remedies:

1. Nux vomica 12C
2. Kali Phos 6C
3. Aconitum Napellus 6C
4. Arnica Montana 6C
5. Ferrum Met 6C
6. Sanguinaria 6X

Metal: Iron

Bach Flower Remedies: impatiens and chestnut buds

Color: red

Musical Note: C

Gem: Ruby

God: Ares the God of War

My plan is to purchase all of these remedies aside from the God Ares in the potencies that Christian needs (versus the suggested potencies and doses in the video) and then make him an Aries Energy combination remedy bottle specifically for him. If you’d like a blog post and video on how I do this, let me know!

Homeopaths I Have Personally Worked/Consulted With:

1. Currently Jessica Galligani* for homeopathy and gemmotherapy
2. Laura Haynes*
3. Angelica Lemke*
4. Angelique Mercier*
5. Stephanie Newton *
6. Heather Stafford*
7. Beth Monterosso

*I’ve worked with them for classical and intuitive homeopathy and/or energy work, not astro-homoeopathy.

What are your experiences with Astro-homeopathy? Let me know!


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