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Update on Christian January 23rd

Christian is having a great day!

He ate a full salad all on his own. He even requested it! SCORE for the picky eaters club!

He's been doing homework without complaint - very focused and calm.

The energy in our house feels more stable overall.

Some changes:

He's been taking Belladonna 6C. I diluted 5 pellets in water and have given him a teaspoon from that for the last 3 days. I've also added in Neuro-Serene at bedtime. Upped his cod liver oil dose from 1 tsp to 1 tablespoon. I've been giving him his supplements, with the exception of the European Blueberry gemmo, in the afternoons instead of in the mornings.

Christian is about to move into his next remedy per our homeopath, but my intuition told me he needed a couple weeks on the belladonna first.

Everyone we work with honors my mommy gut and my instincts on what he needs as well as any physical symptoms that present.

If I have any advice for you - FOLLOW YOUR GUT! And work with practitioners who honor you and your child as well. Flexibility is key. Not every child is the same and therefore protocols should have leeway to adapt to the child's needs. Kids are NOT shy about giving you clues about what they need.

If you want or need someone to look over supplements with you you can consult with Amy Yardley from Navigate Your Healing. Amy also specializes in many other areas of the autism/autoimmune recovery process. She's an excellent guide.

The New Beginnings Neuro-Serene formula can be purchased through Terri Burges Hirning. Terri also does consults and treatment plans for all areas of healing! She's a wonderful resource for all things health!

For gemmotherapy here are two practitioners I've personally used - Jessica Galligani CHom and Heather Patricia Stafford. They are also homeopaths. BOTH WONDERFUL!

If you want to learn Gemmotherapy you can go on Lauren Hubele's website and check out her class schedule. Even if you don't plan on becoming a gemmotherapy practitioner Lauren's class is excellent for understanding the detox process.

And if you're looking for ways to learn how to trust your gut you can always contact me! Book a session through my site

If you have any other questions go ahead and comment down below! I'm happy to share my knowledge!