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When I opened up my practice over two years ago there was a common thread between all of my clients who came from all walks of life - caregiver burnout.

Here’s the thing - I don’t want you to focus on where your needs aren’t being met anymore. That isn’t helping you. 

I want you to understand more about the why and the ins-and-outs of how you got here beyond just the topical reasons of children and work. And then I want to help you find your power and give you the tools and wisdom to CHANGE IT. FOR GOOD!


Energetically there is SO MUCH MORE that plays into the reasons why we so willingly give our reserves away. I guarantee you this pattern did not begin when you became a parent/teacher/nurse/CEO/assistant to the pope/*enter any caregiver role*. The foundation for this was laid a long time ago.

I designed this specific subscription program for 12 months so that you would have an opportunity to COMMIT TO YOURSELF!

I can’t make you want to love yourself.

I can’t make you make yourself a priority.

I can’t make you do this work.

I can’t fix your relationships.

I can’t make you show up for yourself,

but I can show you why you should!  

I can show you why you’re worth it...

I can help you understand your old patterns and where they came from…

I can give you the tools to step into your power…

For once say yes (In fact HELL YES!) to yourself! Commit to a year of self love, self respect, and sisterhood!

Stop second guessing yourself. 


Are you in?

I know you’re in!

So….. Here are the deets:

Your 12 month subscription package includes:

  • One 1:1 30 minute personal session/month

  • 1 Group Healing, Group Coaching, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, or Class hosted on the first Sunday of every month beginning in October 2019.  Themes will include but are not limited to self respect, self love, empowerment, and receiving.

  • First dibs and special discounts on general healing sessions, group programs, and special offers.


Here’s what you need to know:

- Investment is $99/month

- You can schedule your appointment as soon as payment goes through

- You can cancel at any time, BUT you can not join the subscription program once you’ve left.

- Appointments are non transferrable AND CANNOT BE CARRIED FORWARD

- If you are an international client but you don’t see times that work please reach out to me via FB or through email AS I WILL UPDATE my availability where possible to make it work for you.

- The Group Healing information will be sent out at the beginning of every month. 

Enrollment closes on September 29th! ARE YOU READy?

Do you still have questions? Schedule a clarity call with me.