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WE KICK OFF February 19th

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO AMPLIFY YOUR EXPERIENCE, Please feel free to include on of our signature items BELOW:

Custom Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend

By Mallory Mcclelland

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This beautiful blend is designed to invigorate your heart and help you embody the deep healing that will be done throughout the 6 week course.  

It is perfect for you if you’re looking for additional anchoring support through this transformational remembrance of reconnection and unconditional love to yourself and to mother.

The essential oils, flower essences, crystals, and energetic infusions are all chosen with you in mind. Each of these ingredients supports the different life phases and aspects of mother that you will be healing through the duration of the Healing The Mother Wound course.

Allow this blend to transport you into the vibration of wholeness and motherly love.

The oil blend includes:

Therapeutic grade essential oils
Flower essences
Energetic Infusions
Musical notes



Mini Mala Bracelet

from Allison Rogers from White Cedar Healing

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Each gemstone wristlet mala will contain 27 beads, an individualized guru bead supportive to each bearer, and a complimenting recycled sari silk tassel. This mini-mala aims to assist in anchoring and blending the energies of the coursework with your unique vibration.

Overall, this mala is a gentle, encouraging vibration focused on emotional support and release. Stones aligned for this work are Rose Quartz, Impression Jasper, Aquamarine, Morganite/Beryl, Selenite, and Clear Quartz. Examples pictured exhibit a Charoite guru (lavender tassel) and a Soapstone guru (olive tassel)

You will receive an in-depth description of the stones included and your specialized guru bead’s properties with the wristlet.

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Please expect a minimum of 2 weeks for the loving creation of this hand-knotted item.
When checking out in PayPal, please denote your desired shipping address in the “add a note” section.



Mother Wound Formula - Homeopathic tincture

With Angie Mercier

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Selenite- The moon goddess. Cleansing attachment to old patterns of survival. Seeing the light in the dark Stone

Umbilicus- Connection, transformation, letting go. Standing up for oneself.

No potency created to match the vibration of each woman

Pink waters 6c- The feminine heart, feeling safe to soften. Past grief, disappointment and separation.

Remedy 6c

Poppy-Protection, revolution and destiny.

Flower essence from fleur de lune

Adding infusing mushroom essence  for awakening.

Energy Process Held- Integration of all women. Facilitating a integration with the true light essence of the women who came before us. Weaving with honor the hair of their stories, wisdom and magic.

Charged Red River water- Flow, release, transmuting into oneness.

She let the river wash away what she no longer needed to hold, for it was not hers any longer, allowing space for every woman’s wisdoms to fill  her womb with purpose and knowing that she is divine, whole and intrinsic.




Gene Keys SQ reading

by Ashley Pfeffer

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What is included:

60 minute Zoom call with recording

1 page report

Explanation of your core wound

Journey through your childhood (through your three 7-year cycles - body, emotions, + mind)

Identifying your victim patterns that contribute to your wounding

How to open your heart / heal through your BODY

How to open your heart / heal through your EMOTIONS

How to open your heart / heal through your MIND

Intuitive insight

Take a journey into your design. Learn what specific themes and victim patterns played out in your three 7-year cycles since birth. Discover what programmed your body experience (SQ), emotional experience (EQ), and mental experience (IQ) and how these contribute to your core wounding, your mother wound.

These keys affect you now as an adult. The lower shadow aspects of these themes (mental, emotional, physical) prevent your heart from truly being open. The walls you put up as a child and the sword + shield you hold in defense need to come down in order for you to realize and actualize your purpose here as a WHOLE being. Opening your heart through your mother wound healing will allow you to tap into higher acts of service and altruism to allow you to make a greater impact on the world. Not to mention the lasting inner peace that is available to you.

We will use your customized Gene Key profile as a map into your consciousness. We will pinpoint your pain points, identify your core wound and liberate your heart into freedom. Awareness and a shift in your perception will catalyze the healing.

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