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Ready to take back your power?

Clear your blocks?

Release your money story?

Call in all that you desire?



You are in luck! Because on 8/8 we enter a cosmic gateway called “The Lions Gate”. This occurs when the Sun is in Leo and when a star called Sirius aligns in Orion’s Belt.

It happens just once per year, always on August 8/8. The date is significant as the energy is amplified with the number “8” being associated with “manifesting wealth, achievement, giving and receiving, and positive abundance!”

During this time, the intense energy can be activated in the human energy field at high vibrational frequencies. This results in higher consciousness and an awakening of your energetic potential!



I am hosting an activation at 8pm on the 8/8 to harness the energy of this powerful time, open up the cosmic portal, and to allow you to take advantage of your fullest potential to achieve all you desire. The activation will allow you to connect deeply with your authentic truth and release what is no longer serving you.


The call will be recorded for those who are unable to attend live so that they may still receive the activation.



JOIN US us to activate this truly LIMITLESS energy!

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You can upgrade your activation by signing up for my abundance package! I will be creating a custom essential oil “Abundance Activation” rollerball for those who choose to upgrade. The oils will be infused with the energy of the Lions Gate throughout our activation so that when you receive them you can reconnect to this frequency at any time.

You can also amplify your intention for abundance with a gemstone bracelet designed specifically for this activation and to utilize Mallory’s abundance oil blend! 


This adjustable, hand-made bracelet includes 22k gold plated spacer beads, two lava beads to diffuse oil all day long, and seven semi-precious stones chosen specifically for this group to manifest abundance. Tiger’s Eye Pyrite Peridot Citrine Green Aventurine Ruby-in-Zoisite Amethyst. This item will be shipped separately from the abundance blend. Please allow three weeks for the creation of this handmade item. As our jewellry is made with natural gemstones, you can expect stone variation.


and choose your preferred option:

Activation $55

Activation Package (includes abundance oil blend and bracelet) $111


It’s time to step into your POWER!


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