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Many holistic practitioners and families believe that Autism is essentially a toxin or stressor overload. That’s definitely true, but I also think of it as unhealed wounds or stressors on the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels. As we release and permanently heal these layers, we see that individuals and families heal together.

Often, I hear families talking about not leaving any stone unturned, which eventually feels like throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping something sticks. I’ve been there. But once I, and those I work with, learned that intuitive and spiritual wisdom directly guides us to each layer that needs healing for each person or family, that’s when we tend to experience more flow and progress. 

You may have already found your pieces of the puzzle, maybe not, or maybe just need some fine tuning. This is where energy healing comes in and identifies the exact layers that need releasing to take your child and family to the next level of healing. When working with me we also dig into the “bigger picture” reasons why autism is a part your family’s journey. This isn’t always something that we’re ready to look at and the information only arrives when it’s time to dig in and honor that piece of the puzzle. 

No matter where your family is on their path, I’ll meet you where you are and guide you to where you’re ready to be. Below I’ve created 3 different offers to meet your needs. 


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Magical mini 20 minute session where you’ll experience a taste of energy work! In this session we will work on the top priority issue. We’ll tap into universal guidance to discover the root issue of your block, how to clear it and finally action steps needed to anchor in your healing! 

This is perfect for you if:

  • You are curious about energy healing, but afraid to bite the bullet. 
  • You are on a tight budget 
  • You are not quite ready to dive in for a full session 
  • You are feeling like you have one main block that needs resolution NOW. 
  • You are feeling unclear and ready for some divine clarity 
  • You have one ACUTE medical issue that’s been unresolved and you’re ready to know more about healing it. 
  • Your child has one main ACUTE medical issue that’s been unresolved and you’d like spiritual guidance on how to move forward.


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In this 60 minute session we are going to do a deep spiritual dive into the known, yet forgotten intuitive wisdom. We will connect to your child’s soul and thoughts and allow him/her to show us what needs to be healed. Sometimes that will include diving into the physical body and other times it means he will direct us to work on the family or the home. When you sign up for this work you’re stepping into a state of surrender and allowing your teacher aka your child's soul to show you the way. We leave behind our agendas and our judgments and we step into the all knowing vibration of unconditional love. 



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This is for you if you are done with the loud mind chatter, confusion, helplessness and emotional spiraling out and READY and WILLING to make huge changes for the overall health and healing of your family. 

You and I will work closely together over the course of 12 weeks clearing up the major energetic blocks and tuning into exactly what THE WHOLE FAMILY needs. You will walk away with INVALUABLE guidance on the necessary steps needed to heal your family on the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels. In the process I’ll also be helping you develop and trust your own intuition as well as giving you the tools to work on your family!

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This includes:

  • 6 1:1 sessions 
  • 3 quick check ins 
  • Bi-weekly supportive email/Facebook messenger correspondence 

*** BONUS***


We'll be working on:

  • Life long patterns and YEARS of stored up trauma and negative emotions
  • How to have joy in your life WITH autism in the picture
  • Marriage and family life - discovering the imbalances and tapping into universal guidance for solutions 
  • The physical health of the entire family

This entire package is worth close to $2,000 if you were to purchase each of these a la carte!!! 

Mama, you’re ready to step into a new reality on a new divinely guided path to healing! 



Growing up, money was always a struggle. I often went without necessities especially when it came to health care. And I’ve always vowed that if I can give back I WILL. 

The hardship program is designed for families in need. Money should never be the reason that families, especially children, aren’t getting the healing they deserve. 

This is aimed for those who are truly struggling financially and ready to create massive change within their lives.


Working with Mallory has been one of the most incredible healing experiences of my life. Within minutes of our first session, she identified a block that has been plaguing me for years. I never realized that it was something that originated from my ancestry and have spent years of unnecssary pain and suffering trying to deal with it. For the first time in years, I feel a sense of freedom and can move forward with this issue fully released.

And with each subsequent session, this is the experience I continue to have with Mallory. Her undeniable intuition, ability to hone in on the exact energetic issue, to name what she so clearly sees and senses, and also bring forth permanent healing is an experience that is difficult to describe in words. She is spot on each time, sensing things that I have never articulated to her in words. She is that intuitive. Each session continues to create long lasting and sustainable shifts and transformation for me, our child and our family. And, I’m learning beautiful skills I can apply on my own as well.

After our first session, I was convinced I needed to work with Mallory long-term and purchased a package. In addition to this being more cost effective, it is more life and joy effective. As more and more issues have cleared from working with Mallory, more of my energy has naturally been freed up to cultivate what brings me joy in life. As all the old patterns and blocks dissipate one by one, I feel a sense of internal peace and happiness just from being, and not from chasing. With each session, space continues to open for my life and soul purpose to unfold and take shape, a dream I’ve had for decades now finally coming to fruition thanks to Mallory!

We have been addressing our son’s Autism for four years now, and the work I’ve been doing with Mallory finally makes me feel like we’re getting somewhere and truly moving forward. She channels the most beautiful messages from our son and has given me the opportunity to more deeply know him, who he is and what he’s here to teach me/us. As I step more and more into my soul purpose and what I’m here to learn, the more we experience progress with our son and with our entire family. For the first time in four years, I feel extremely positive about our future because of how far we’ve come and where we are today, which is pretty darn amazing.
— Vania Frank




I'm an energy healing practitioner, medical intuitive, psychic-medium and autism mama. I look forward to being the next the step on your healing journey. Can't wait to work with you!


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