Autism Family Services

My role in the autism community is to help the family heal as a whole. We are going to do a deep spiritual dive into the known, but forgotten. We will connect to your child’s soul and thoughts and allow him to show us what needs to be healed. Sometimes that will include diving into the physical body and other times it means he will direct us to work on the family or the home. When you sign up for this work you’re stepping into a state of surrender and allowing your teacher aka your child's soul to show you the way. We leave behind our agendas and our judgments and we step into the all knowing vibration of unconditional love. 

Medical Intuitive Services

In this session we dig into the root cause of your illness and symptoms. We look at the emotional, spiritual, energetic, creative, mental and physical levels to get a clear picture on what your body is trying to tell you. We will also tune into the body and find out what it needs for supportive healing whether that be diet, supplements, essential oils, reduction of EMF’s, or possibly just a lot of water and sleep!

General Healing Services Thumbnail.png

General Healing Services

Are you feeling lost and stuck, or needing direction in certain parts of your life? Needing intuitive guidance to figure out who you are and what you want to manifest in each area of your life? We’ll take a deep dive into all matters of your life to identify emotional blocks, release them and help you effortlessly move forward with more ease and clarity. I'll channel intuitive messages I receive about specific areas of your life and empower you to take a more active role in your own healing and growth process as well. We’ll tap into universal guidance to discover the root issue of your block, how to clear it and action steps needed to anchor in your healing!

Intuitive Oil Blends and Readings

First, we’ll have a face to face session where we’ll determine what the priority issue is that you’d like to heal and support. Together we will tap in and clear the blocks. A custom oil blend is then created specifically to help support and anchor in your session. The oil blend includes a carrier oil (jojoba, MCT, or avocado oil), essential oils, flower essences, crystals and is infused with any other supportive frequencies that speak up to work with you.

House Clearings and Blessings

Did you know that everything in your life is mirror? Our homes reflect so much to us - the good, the bad, the ugly and all of those things we try to ignore. The energy of your home speaks volumes and even has its own voice. This session taps into that energy and do a full energetic clearing so your house will feel amazing and full of life! Are you about to move into a new home? Then it’s appropriate to clear out the energy of the previous owner and bless your property and your land to set the stage for you to move into a clear and open space harmonized for you and your family!

Business Alignment Services Thumbnail.png

Business Alignment Services

This is the business introduction session. This is where we review your business as a whole, the mission statement, the soul of your company, and all of your current and upcoming products, promotions and services. In this appointment we will figure out a plan of action to help balance all areas of your business energetically. We also work on the number 1 priority issue during the 90 minutes. You'll walk away with clarity and guidance like you've never had before!