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The space is being created with the intention to bring forward your very best self utilizing the power of meditation, visualization, prayer, energy work and intentional group healing. In the many courses, activations, and healing sessions that I’ve hosted I have seen so much amplified power when one or more gather in a space with the same intention. Not only do you amplify the space by having a common thread of healing that you’re consciously connecting with, but the friendships and connection that are formed in the vulnerable sharing and support of others is unrivaled.


Twice monthly we will meet for group healings, meditations, activations, always with teaching thrown in with different topics and themes that present themselves for the Soul Driven Healing collective. Afterward we will discuss our heart’s revelations, guidance, and healing.

If you cannot attend the healings live don’t worry, you will have access to all meditations via the facebook group in the files section.

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We meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month at 7pm CST.

The first group meditation will be held on Saturday July 7th.

Here are the first 3 themes:
July - Self love
August - Restoration on all levels
September - Tapping into the energy of creation and sexuality