I've been walking around in pure bliss (like I should be floating not walking kinda bliss!!) since yesterday! 
The beautiful Mallory McClelland gifted me with one of her energy clearing sessions and I literally have not been the same since! 

After 30 years of getting so many different readings done of every capacity under the friggin stars, I've never had a session like this before that's resulted in feeling SO connected, intuitive, grounded, centered and at peace in my heart, and feeling vibrant & ALIVE! It's like I just can't get knocked off of this high-vibe place! 

Even stuff that I'm normally triggered by, I'm just not triggered in the same way as I was before.

She cleared up many questions I had and gave me such specific responses to things I've been wondering about for so long... like, years!!! Plus she intuitively connected to things that were in my body and subconscious that I didn't even know that were affecting me! But when she said it, it totally clicked and made perfect sense!

I'd be writing this testimonial post even if Mallory didn't see this and I'll be sharing her name with everyone I know.

If you sense you have a block or just need questions answered about your life - health, money, business or relationships… I urge you to contact Mallory and set up a session with her. You will not be disappointed!

- Jacqueline R.


You have no idea what you are in for when working with Mallory! She was kind enough and generous to offer me a session as a thank you for the ThetaHealing session she did with me as part of an offer I put in the group.

Let me just be very clear right here right now: I DO NOT ACCEPT being worked on energetically easily and by just anyone. As a practicing energy healer/shifter myself for the last 13+ years, I am very selective (a.k.a picky) about who or what I allow in my energy field. But something told me to say YES without even knowing what she did and how she did it and why she did it (yes all those things are important to me, especially the why). I am so happy that I said YES because I had one of the most magical and healing experiences aside from the ThetaHealing sessions I have done with my teachers!!!! AND THAT is saying a lot!!!

Her intuition is laser beam spot on! Her energy is refreshingly light, joyful, and sparkly, YET grounding and no nonsense BS. Her trained skills and understanding of the work she does is executed with the outmost confidence and in the highest and best way! Her ability to have the most perfect balance between compassion and mastery is inspiring and healing on its own! I had no idea what to expect going in the session. I left the session receiving EXACTLY what I NEEDED AND WANTED!! I have been around the world of energy healing work for a long time and like I said above, I am very very picky about who I work with. I am also great at what I do as an energy work practitioner. I would go to work with Mallory McClelland again in a heartbeat! You'll be in for the most amazing journey yet.

- Yola M.


I had an animal reading from Mallory Mammes McClelland who is a powerful healer, and medical intuitive and it was truly incredible, she tapped into not only the energy of each animal and described so much about them and gave actions to support them and immediately the animals responded to the energy work she did with them.

She picked up on so many thing such as one of the dogs breathing and the other dog being a bit ungrounded and the horse being afraid of the energy at one part of the barn. It blew my mind

Her vibration is very high and the connection is so pure

She also works a lot with children who have autism or other special needs and entire families (pets too) so I highly suggest connecting with her if you want a truly top notch healer who can help you bring your entire family into harmonious alignment

- Dana N.